Friday, August 28, 2009

Color Your Thoughts Green

So, let's talk green.

Recently as our research continues, we're trying to develop more ideas and more ways to help out our planet.

So now, we need you!

E-mail us at or post a comment with something you do, or an idea you have to help create an eco friendly (but not too eccentric) revolution!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out Attempt To Catch Up With Technology

Okay, guys.

To get the word out there about TreeHuggers we have a lot of promotional sites, street teams, blogs, you name it and we just wanted to get it out there to you!

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The GreenPeace Blog -

So spread the word! Keep updated with posts and comments and e-mail all things to

Love, Peace, & Trees

Cailyn Taylor & Jovon Dizard

Thursday, July 17, 2008

TreeHugger Love <3

Hey guys! Welcome to the first blog for TreeHugger Designs(©)! This blog is just basic information about us and everything a TreeHugger(©) stands for.

The TreeHugger© Tale
One very VERY late night (or I guess you could say very VERY early morning), two best friends Cailyn 'Casey' Taylor and Jovon Dizard decided that they wanted to come up with a community service project for their college applications that not only would affect their community but communities all around the world! But what could it be? And then the golden idea came about! As a bagger at the Ralphs Grocery Store in Studio City, California, Cailyn has witnessed first-hand how many plastic bags are gone through in just one day and how many of them are unfortunately wasted after they've brought the groceries home. This (and the fact that Cailyn and Jovon consider themselves to be 'modern hippies') brought about the idea to incorporate this kind of environmental change to their community service project and with that they launched their own "Go Green!" campaign with TreeHugger© Designs creating custom silkscreened canvas bags to use as an alternative for traditional paper and plastic groceries. Little did they know that their simple idea of a greener world would become a revolution almost over night!

The Facts

1. Plastic bags, while they do indeed have many uses such as carrying groceries and using to pick up after your pet while walking is rather dangerous for the environment. As harmless as plastic products may seem, the almost embarassing amount of litter caused by plastic products potentially endangers our world in areas of wildlife, wild lands, and even in clean air every single day. Plastic bags in fact are causing such a problem that as of July 2008, there will be a world wide ban of plastic bags. The only way you will be able to recieve a plastic bag is by paying a 10 to 15 cent charge per bag depending on where you are shopping. Stores such as Ikea are already starting their bag charge.
2. Paper bags, are yes, definitely much more environmentally conscious than plastic, however, not only are you still cutting down trees in order to make the bags, but paper bags are more expensive to be produced therefore stores try to discourage the useage of them. With plastic bags outlawed soon, leaving paper as the only option, it means that the cost to make the bags could potentially raise prices in stores in order to keep the budget even. Again, while they are much more environmentally friendly, they still aren't the best solution. It's even in talks to ban paper bags eventually as well.

So what options are you left with?


So What Do You Get By Purchasing A TreeHugger© Bag?

By purchasing a TreeHugger© Bag, you are not only taking the first step to saving the environment by following through with changing, but because TreeHugger© is a non-profit organization, we donate proceeds and work with local and worldwide charities such as GreenPeace, Habitat For Humanity, The Clean Air Coalition, The Center For Biological Diversity, & Save The Bay (Just to name a few) to not only promote environmental protection but animal care and disease awareness as well. As an added bonus, if you bring your TreeHugger© Bag to your grocery store, you will recieve 10 cents back per bag JUST for bringing your own bags! So what are you waiting for, join the revolution and order a TreeHugger© Bag! Order Form pdfs/templates are included in the blog titled "The First Step To Being A Superhero" You can also e-mail/myspace message us with your order!

Contacts & Inquiry

If you would like more information as to how you can donate to TreeHugger, volunteer your time as a promoter, have an idea as to how we can improve, or just feel like saying hi feel free to e-mail us directly at Also check the blogs and our myspace page at frequently for updates, contests, information, and more!

So pick up a TreeHugger Bag today! Because you don't need to be a superhero to save our world. =)

With Love, Peace, and Trees

Cailyn & Jovon